PCGamer Goes Hands-On with PUBG’s Desert Map!

PUBG New Map: Desert

There have been rumors for a PUBG new map featuring desert terrain for some time now. And while things have been quiet from the PUBG developers for a few weeks now… details are starting to emerge. News of this new map is slowly starting to trickle out into the community, and there’s a lot to get excited about! The guys at PC Gamer recently got to spend time with a dev version of the upcoming new region, currently called Desert. They give us a look at what we can expect when it releases: craters, a crashed airliner, and…A wrestling arena?! While a fresh new battleground is sure to change up the tried-and-true formula, but there’s also big updates going on behind the scenes.

pubg new map desert

Buggy terrain often can end in unfortunate deaths for many players. Terrain bugs and clunky movement have been a part of PUBG since the beginning. Thankfully, these problems are being addressed by Bluehole Studios. The next major planned update will add ‘vaulting’ to the game. Vaulting will add a whole new level of tactical movement choices and skillful decisions to make. We’re looking forward to checking it out!

Check out the full article courtesy of PCGamer here!

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