Waypoint Interviews PUBG Roleplayers!

PUBG Roleplayers: Interview with Waypoint

Most players in PUBG are there to shoot each other and score that sweet chicken dinner… But others are after something else entirely! Have you ever come across someone acting “different” in Erangel? Roleplaying offers an new challenge and way to relate to your character, and it comes in a wide variety of forms. Even in as directed a format as this bloody battle royale, players will find a way to make the game bigger. It seems PUBG roleplayers are looking for something different out of the game. That being said, the majority of players are unlikely to engage in PUBG as a roleplayer. However, there’s great insight into these players in this article from of Waypoint, a VICE publication.

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Get the scoop on roleplayers in PUBG from Waypoint!

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