Why You Suck at Driving: A PUBG Vehicle Guide

Traverse Erangel with Our Vehicle Guide!

This vehicle guide will explore the various modes of transportation available in PUBG but first, here’s why you suck. It’s not knowing the terrain. That’s literally it – you have no idea where you’re going and you wind up driving off a cliff, or flipping your vehicle on a sharp a turn, or you got stuck on the terrain… there are a million things that can bring you to a screeching halt. Not everyone is bad at driving; in fact, there are a plethora of amazing drivers in PUBG. I’m no exception: I’ve flipped my fair share of vehicles, gotten stuck, blown up… You name it, I’ve done it. It’s all about learning from your experiences to become the transporter for your team.

Without further ado let’s get into the vehicle guide. There are seven usable vehicles in the game and I’ll go over all of them individually.

Vehicle Guide

#1: The Buggy

Vehicle Guide Buggy

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite vehicles in the game. It only carries two people, so it’s not ideal for squad play but it’s among the faster vehicles in the game. The buggy attains a max speed of 91kph whether you’re boosting or not, which is the same as the Dacia’s unboosted max speed of 91kph. When driving the buggy, you can boost to 91kph and then coast along so you use less fuel and travel quieter. Another advantage of the buggy is that you can basically cross the map with it on a single tank of fuel. The buggy serves as the perfect all-terrain vehicle with great range and speed.

#2 & #3: The UAZs (open top and closed top)

Vehicle Guide UAZ

I’ll preface this by saying that I prefer the closed top UAZ, because I feel like it offers more camouflage. The UAZ is very easy to drive, plus it offers the luxury of 5 seats that you can swap into (although the middle back seat can’t shoot out of the vehicle, except straight through the front windshield). It offers a top speed of about 99kph while boosting and around 85kph without boosting. This is the ideal vehicle for new players because it travels well across all terrain and can hold your whole team.

#4 & #5: The Motorcycles (with sidecar and without)

Vehicle Guide Motorcycle Vehicle Guide Motorcycle w/ Sidecar

The real hit-or-miss vehicles of the game – the ones that will get you from point A to B… probably? That’s the trouble with motorcycles: they’re for seasoned players because they’re so twitchy and hard to control. They achieve a top speed of roughly 121kph, but the collision box physics are what you need to watch out for! When you grab one of these bad boys, you’re going to want to stay on roads as much as possible to avoid flying. Yes – motorcycles fly. It’s unpleasant, insanely hard to land, and very bouncy. Count yourself dead if you catch air. The motorcycle with sidecar seems more stable with a teammate in the sidecar, so you’ll want to choose that option if it presents itself. The two-seater is quite stable and easy to drive but again, it’s a motorcycle: drive with extreme caution as it quickly hits the top speed.

#6: The Dacia

Vehicle Guide Dacia

Everyone’s favorite vehicle. This little 4-man vehicle is shockingly fast. You’re looking at a top speed of about 117kph with boosting and around 91kph without. These vehicles are fairly easy to find and come in a few different colors (blue, white, orange, yellow). The flaw is that because you’re going so fast, any sharp turn and you’re going to flip. The important part is that the Dacia can carry your whole team and travels well across most terrain. Also recall that the Dacia also tends to roll down hills and performs poorly going up them, especially from a stopped position. If you’ve accidentally left your Dacia facing uphill and enemies strike, try to reverse into a quick U-turn so you have some speed to escape.

#7: The Boat

Vehicle Guide Boat

Now for the last to be reviewed in the vehicle guide, the boat. It is one of the less commonly utilized vehicles in the game because you’ll usually want a vehicle that can travel on land. One big advantage of using the boat is that it becomes cover when you beach it. It’s decently quick at 91kph with boost and 74kph without, but it does use a lot of gas. The boat is extremely useful for crossing the gap between the main island and the military island, so you can avoid unwanted interaction at the bridge or beaches. The boat is capable of carrying your entire team, but without a top you’re left exposed while moving.

Finally, here are two important tips to remember from the vehicle guide:


Avoid crossfire in the vehicle by choosing firing arcs: decide who is shooting and in what direction. A good tip is for the back passenger is to shoot the people behind you. That allows the front passenger to shoot forward without risking killing each other. On lateral movements for example, the back-left side passenger should shoot backwards and to the left side. Agreeing on firing arcs is key to avoiding friendly fire.


You know what’s tough to hit? The literal SPEED DEMON that you are on the inside. Practice swerving across the road, spinning your car around, and darting between trees, rocks, and buildings to avoid fire. You have to be careful, since the motorcycles or Dacia have a higher probability of winding up with you dead. But I will say that prefer the drifting in the Dacia, because it feels so easy to do.

Now get driving!

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